Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's the Stylist Mojo that makes our product Magical!!!

As you all know by now, Magic Mojo was launched in Oct 2010. I decided to start introducing this treatment to my fellow salon owner's and stylist to give them the opportunity to bring a product to their clients that stood behind it's name "MAGIC MOJO" It is the stylist Mojo that makes our product so MAGICAL!
I didn't want to throw a sale's pitch to try to convince stylist that my product worked. What i decided to do was put it in their hand's and let the stylist see the wonderful  results our product delivered.
Each stylist who used our product,  realized it's their Magical talent that brings Mojo to life.
As long as the product is used in the correct form from the stylist and the client is educated on how to use the product at home, the results are PRICELESS!

I knew when I decided to create MOJO, bringing it into this industry was going to be quite the challenge.
Our industry has become immuned to the "HYPE"of these companies who introduce NEW product line's  to convince us that their product is the next best thing to bring to the salons, but in all actuality its the same product but in a different package. The launch of a NEW product is what we strive for to bring something new to our client's that will bring more revenue into our salon's, but we are forgetting about what really matter's the well being of "HAIR"

 Their was NO WAY I could compete with the BIG GUY"S. I don't have millions of dollars to advertise or an office suite in NY city with CEO controlling my company. I don't have huge billboards yelling BUY ME, BUY ME cuz i'm the next BIG THING, but what i do have is a product that delivers results!
Here are what some salon's are saying about our product:

"Magic Mojo is awesome. The shine with this product is unlike anything else I've ever used. It leaves the hair silky and soft and smooths down all the dead looking ends. Smells great too! I will definitely be incorporating it more into my routine with my clients." -Paige Lewis, Hairs To You Salon, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Sheri Walton
Amazing product ! Just started using Magic Mojo today..Wonderful results on all textures. I didn't apply any other products just to see what it would do. Customers loved it! Beautiful shine,bounce. Salon Resplendent will be offering Magic Mojo very soon !!!
Joseph Kellner
Excellent Product and I love recommending it to my Corrective Hair color Clients. This product will help regain the health of the hair. Not just on a cosmetic approach but on a long lasting effect for the consumer. It is also a great service to recommend for the client who is planing a night out with friends and wants a really good hig...h gloss effect on the hair. The product enhances the hair. Great for all models before a scheduled photo shoot!
Joseph Kellner
The Real Hair Truth
Martin Rodriguez
So I finally tried Magic Mojo on curly frizzy hair and loved the results. I got amazing shine from this product so if you have chemically treated hair or just dry frizzy hair give it a try you will love the results. · KALEAROSE HAIR LINE PRODUCTS
Sherri Say's : I love, Love it! Thank you for sending me the free sample.
I have been using it on all my clients, & all types of textures as well. All I can
say is A-Ma zing !! I was shocked how well it works , & all by its
self . I didn't layer it with any other Styling products, Shine,

bounce and volume.
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Before Magic Mojo

After Mojo


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