Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Mojo Works

This treatment is every women's savior !
 Mojo was designed to enter the hair cuticle and start mending it from the inside out. It's special blend calms frizz, adds moisture and helps mend split ends.
This professional weightless formula is made from the finest organic ingredients and works on all hair types.
The organic formula  promotes healthy hair by using the latest technology in hair restoration systems. It works on all hair types, leaving it healthy looking, shiny, silky, bouncy and frizz-free.
Highly effective on dry overstressed hair.

These are pictures i have taken of customers we have done a treatment on in our salon.
This is our client Tara. As you can see from the picture she has very bad split ends and very dry hair.
I washed her hair, toweled dried, and added the Mojo before I gave her the hair cut.
I sprayed 2-3 squirts at a time in the palm of my hand, and applied it to the ends of her hair section by section and made sure all the hair was covered.
I applied the product from ends to shaft and combed it threw the entire hair. My suggestion is to comb the product threw the hair with a cutting comb so the product is sure to distribute evenly.
Once I was done with the cut, I took a paddle brush and blow dried her hair on high heat.
Now that the hair is completely dry, I section the hair and take small thin sections.
With a high heat flat iron(425) slide the flat iron SLOWLY down the shaft until the damage disappears.
This is the finished style.

This next client was a walk in wanting a Foil High light. Her hair was extremely thick and very dry.
This is exactly what her hair looked like even before I applied the foils. She had explained to me that no matter what conditioning treatment she has used, nothing seemed to work.

                          Because of her hair being so dry, I applied Mojo to her hair before the cut.
When I was done with the cut, I applied a little bit more, just to make sure the hair was well coated.
Again, I took my Paddle Brush and dried her hair.
As you can see from the picture above, her hair is 1/2 the size.
When i dry the hair, i DO NOT dry it in sections, i blow it out in every direction.
Now that the hair is completely dry, I will  Flat Iron her hair to lock in the treatment.
This is the finished look.
                                                              Now that is AMAZING !!

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