Sunday, November 7, 2010

What make's our product so special ?

We have added some of the best healing oils to our product to give you the best Repairing Results.
I am going to point out just a few ingredients to demonstrate how helpful to the hair they can be.

Silk Protein -
Binds strongly to the surface of the cuticle including damaged areas, increasing moisture and strength.

Hemp seed oil - This multi-beneficial oil not only has health benefits, but has many benefits that can enhance your hair.  It has been shown to make hair smoother and softer, also improving the hair’s elasticity within a matter of weeks.

The next power oil to talk about is Grape seed Oil. It is a lightweight oil that has extensive moisturizing properties and because it is so light compared to other power oils, it can absorb quickly without any added weight. It’s regenerating properties helps to maintain normal cell structure. Grape seed oil also has mild astringent benefits, to help with irritated scalps.It is also  viewed as a natural preservative

Sunflowe oil -Oil from this plant nurtures and strengthens damaged hair

Provitamin B5 - Helps prevent split ends and smoothes the cuticle of the hair. Actually increases the hair’s diameter for fuller, thicker hair.

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Let's take a look to see what Mojo has done for this client...

This is my client Michele. As you can see from the picture her hair is out of control !
When you add heat to her hair, it just grows.
That's exactly what I want it to do so the Mojo can do it's Magic !
                  I decided to section the hair and do one side at a time so she could see the difference.

    Ahhhh :) and this is the finished style.
Another satisfied customer.

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