Sunday, December 19, 2010

No to Keratin, Yes to Mojo

As a hair stylist the most important part of our job is the tool's that we use to create our masterpiece.
Our scissors, razors, blow dryers, flat ions, curl irons and most importantly our product's.
Product's are very important, they are what complete our work.
In the last few years, I have seen a product called Keratin treatment's explode in our industry. This product was every stylist & client's dream. The opportunity to have the perfect hair, who wouldn't want it?
It makes your hair look and feel AMAZING with a very big price tag. What they forgot to tell us is how harmful it is to our client and us stylist. Like anything else, if it works it will sell!
I will tell you it defiantly works and it's defiantly DEADLY! Stylist & client's refuse to except this fact because they love the results. The fact is this : If your hair is damaged before the treatment, all it does is temporarily PRESERVE the hair It does not and will not repair it. Once the treatment wears off, your hair is in the same shape before you had the treatment done.

This treatment was why my product was created and launched so quickly. I was far from ready to bring it into such a competitive industry, especially competing with the best thing since spread butter, but i knew i had to get it in to the hands of my clients before they had a keratin treatment done.
  My product was developed to give final results of a keratin treatment, but work to safely rebuild the hair .
 Our product is completely Organic & Sulfate Free
I brought it in to our salon in October, and believe me when i tell you , EVERY client we do a treatment on have left with a bottle in their hand.
Our salon intro was to do a FREE TREATMENT on client's who's hair was in need. That's all it took for them to realize they can have beautiful looking hair with out it being harmful to them. The best part about it is our clients can take the bottled treatment home with them and each time they use it they are REALLY rebuilding their hair. The more they use it, the better the results.

Report's on Magic Mojo from client's who use it  say from the very 1st treatment  they see & feel the difference. Once they use the treatment at home they love that the product gives them the best results every time.
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