Monday, December 27, 2010

A Canvas of a Hair Stylist Art

I was always intrigued with the art of hair. I lived by the philosophy of " If you teach me i will learn "
As hair stylist we have the opportunity to express our talent to each client in our chair.
Being in this industry for the last 16 yrs I have realized one thing, If you want it, it's only you who can achieve it.
  Each client is like a blank canvas when they sit in your chair for the 1st time. It's up to us as hair designers to create a style that's going to satisfy the clients every need. We have to determine the shape of the face, the texture of the hair, and most importantly the personality of each client before we can begin our creation.
  One of the most important part of our job is product. This is wear our creation becomes reality. Products are the tools we need to put the finishing touches on our work.
I know in this industry they can be expensive, but believe me their worth it because they work!
The products we use on our client's is the prescription to what will make your hair look & feel Fabulous!!!
If our clients take home what we prescribe, they will able to maintain the same style.

In my salon, we treat & prescribe our "New" wearable treatment Magic Mojo to almost every client that sits in our chair.
 I have a bottle of Magic Mojo on each station and salon talkers so the client can read all about the treatment they will be receiving after their service. Each one of my stylist use this treatment on client's who have color, high lights, dry and damaged hair. As they are applying the treatment, they are educating the client on how to use the product at home.
This treatment  restores moisture and brings the hair back to it's soft silky shiny state with just one treatment. Our clients can see and feel the difference once the styling is complete.
Each client we have preformed this treatment on has bought a bottle to take home and continue the use to rebuild and maintain the same silky feeling.

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