Sunday, January 2, 2011

Product Diversion... THEY SOLD OUT ON US !!!

As you all know I have been in the hair industry for 16 years. In these last 16 yrs, I have seen many changes in our field with our product companies. Most of them have SOLD OUT ON US.
I have to say, it frustrates me to know how hard we have worked to promote these product's in our salon's and then they make it available to everyone who shops at local retail stores.
One product line sold out, I switched to another, that product line sold out and I switched again, well  I come to realize that no matter what line I use, it's only a matter of time before they will sell out too.
 It makes me sick that for year's us stylist have put our trust in these companies, been the voice for these products, built their brand and they went and did this to us. All i can say is "Thank You"
Yep, Thank You for making me realize, It's not about the product being professional at all, It's about the mighty old buck!
I think all of us stylist need to come together and stop buying from the ones who did sell out. Just think about it for one min. If we stop selling it for them, sales will drop drasticly and then maybe they will realize how wrong they were for doing this to us.
I am so Disgusted with this industry, I REFUSE to give these companies another penny. I have STOPPED SELLING ALL THEIR PRODUCT'S and I decided to create my own product and plan on adding to the line in the near future..
 I am a stylist who believes in PROFESSIONAL Product's and that's why
My PROMISE to stylist & salon owners is Magic Mojo will NOT EVER SELL OUT!
You see, it's not about the money to me, It's about the quality of the product and knowing none of the client's will ever be able to purchase it at a local Walmart.
Magic Mojo was designed with a method. This method needs to be shown to our clients by a licensed professional in order to get the full affect of our product. If my product was available on a retail shelf and customers bought it, they would have no clue on how to use it, their for they wouldn't get the full effect.
This is why, our product will ONLY be sold by professional hair stylist.

For more information on our product, please read the previouse blog sessions.
If you are interested in carrying our product in your salon or would like a FREE SAMPLE.
Please contact Roxanne MagicMojoHair For Great Wholesale Pricing...
We promise your client's will LOVE IT !!!

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