Sunday, January 9, 2011

STOP THE DIVERSION !! Try Something New !


It's a NEW YEAR and It's time for change ! All of us stylist need to stick together and show these companies that we don't need them. We need to start looking out side the box and putting our faith into stylist who create their own product lines. LET"S FACE IT, WE KNOW BEST !
As a stylist and a creator of the Amazing product MAGIC MOJO, I know first hand on what my client's hair needed. I was tired of trying product after product to achieve healthier hair for my client's who were in desperate need of a good treatment.
Keratin treatment or Brazilian Blow Out was NEVER an option for me. I refused to put my staff, client's and myself in harms way just to make the hair look great temporarily.
  Magic Mojo is not just another product that promises to deliver result's, Its a product that stands by it's name.
Our staff preform a FREE treatment to all client's who receive a chemical service and to client's who hair is dry and damaged. I have to say, they are very impressed with the result's.
We have sold 100's of bottle's since we have launched our product in OCT 2010, not to mention salon's who have added it LOVE IT.
So... I ask my fellow stylist to step out side of the box and give our Sulfate Free Organic Hair Repair Treatment a try !
We have Great Salon Packages available to salon owners & renters.
*Marketing materials are provided with every order
*Free bottles for stylist station's
*Free retail display packages available

If you would like more information on adding Magic Mojo to your salon,
Please contact Roxanne at For wholesale pricing.

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