Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Magic Mojo Adventure...

As I set sail for my adventure to bring my hair product to the industry, I have to tell you all it's been quite the experience. I have had the opportunity to meet some AMAZING stylist in this part of the world.
Their is one particular stylist I would like to Thank for giving me the strive and inspiration to NEVER GIVE UP!         JOSEPH KELLNER
Mr. Kellner is a Hairdresser/Makeup Artist/ Film Producer from Orlando Florida.
He has recently published the documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH.

You can purchase your copy of the Documentary @
After watching his film, it gave me the strive to work harder to get my product into more salon's.
 Day by day with alot of hard work, our product is slowly reaching more & more salon's.
 Once stylist get our product in their hand's and start working with it on the clients, both stylist & clients see & feel the result's instantly.
Meaning I will NOT EVER SELL OUT on the people who brought my product to life!

Here is what Mr Kellner had to say about using our product in his salon:
I do alot of corrective hair color in my salon. And in doing so we all know the health of the hair is very important when having to fix the hair color, and correction of tones. If the hair is not healthy you will not get the proper condition to work with. When I started working with Magic Mojo it was instantaneous with the results. I like to prescribe the best hair products for the client and Magic Mojo is on the top of my list. Not only can it return the hair to healthier state, but I also use it for a lotion to Blowdry, and for Haircutting. Either way you use this product it is multifaceted for the Hair colorist, Hair designer and above all the Client. I highly recommend this product for a tool for hair coloring, and also for retail use in the salon. But what is even better. It was made by a Professional, for Professionals, sold by a Professional. You don't find that to often in the Beauty Industry!
Kudos to Magic Mojo!

Joseph Kellner
Hairdresser/Makeup Artist

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