Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now this makes it all worth wild !!!

We mailed out FREE samples to salon's to see what their opinion was about the product. Here is what they had to say....
Thank you, Magic Mojo! After using this independent private label product on various types of hair we have had beautiful results every time. We found that Magic Mojo is a great leave-in styling aid for heavily processed hair, fine hair, coarse hair, as well as natural healthy hair. The weightlessness of the product was surprising and ...the shine it produces is just beautiful. Using either a flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers, etc. the hair had life and held the style with a natural movement and bounce. We found it can also be used as a spray on leave-in conditioner on naturally wavy or curly hair leaving the hair exceptionally soft and alive.

Thank you Magic Mojo! We're pleased you asked us for our opinion and appreciate the sample very much. Great luck to you!

To place an order for Magic Mojo please contact Roxanne Longstone @ MagicMojoHair@aol.com

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  1. Dont be getting lazy keep working!!!!!This is just the start. Keep it up!!! You should be proud of yourself!!!