Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to use Magic Mojo
Step #1 Shampoo & condition hair. Towel dry the hair to get the excess water out.
Step #2 Start with 4 squirts of Mojo in the palm of your hand and rub like lotion so the palms of your hands are completely covered with the product.
We recommend 6-8 squirts for the whole head, a little bit goes a long way.
Step #3 Start at the nape, grab a section of hair and run your fingers threw the shaft from ends to root.
Continue the application step threw the whole head. ( ENDS 1st, SHAFT 2nd, ROOTS last)
Step #4 Once the product has been applied to the whole head, comb the hair from the root to the shaft to make sure all of the hair is covered. I suggest starting with a wide tooth comb then use the small side of a cutting comb to make sure the product is distributed threw the hair evenly.
Step #5 VERY IMPORTANT STEP.. COMB, COMB, COMB, at least 3X around the whole head.
Step #6 With a paddle brush or round brush blow dry the hair. You can section the hair and blow it out straight with a round brush or use a paddle brush and just dry the hair.
We find using a paddle brush dries the hair much faster with the Mojo.
Step #7 Once the hair is completely dry section the hair, take small slices with a high heat flat iron start at the root and SLOWLY bring the flat iron all the way down the shaft to the ends.
Repeat threw the whole head, RESULTS WILL BE AMAZING.
*Mojo is a daily wearable treatment. We prefer to do the 1st treatment in the salon so the product gets a deep penetration from out high heat flat ions and the client gets educated on how to use it at home.
This product is a daily wearable treatment that will repair the hair with continuous use. Mojo does not have to be flat ironed or blow dried with every use. As long as it’s on the hair, it will continue to work.

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