Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's the Stylist Mojo that makes our product Magical!!!

As you all know by now, Magic Mojo was launched in Oct 2010. I decided to start introducing this treatment to my fellow salon owner's and stylist to give them the opportunity to bring a product to their clients that stood behind it's name "MAGIC MOJO" It is the stylist Mojo that makes our product so MAGICAL!
I didn't want to throw a sale's pitch to try to convince stylist that my product worked. What i decided to do was put it in their hand's and let the stylist see the wonderful  results our product delivered.
Each stylist who used our product,  realized it's their Magical talent that brings Mojo to life.
As long as the product is used in the correct form from the stylist and the client is educated on how to use the product at home, the results are PRICELESS!

I knew when I decided to create MOJO, bringing it into this industry was going to be quite the challenge.
Our industry has become immuned to the "HYPE"of these companies who introduce NEW product line's  to convince us that their product is the next best thing to bring to the salons, but in all actuality its the same product but in a different package. The launch of a NEW product is what we strive for to bring something new to our client's that will bring more revenue into our salon's, but we are forgetting about what really matter's the well being of "HAIR"

 Their was NO WAY I could compete with the BIG GUY"S. I don't have millions of dollars to advertise or an office suite in NY city with CEO controlling my company. I don't have huge billboards yelling BUY ME, BUY ME cuz i'm the next BIG THING, but what i do have is a product that delivers results!
Here are what some salon's are saying about our product:

"Magic Mojo is awesome. The shine with this product is unlike anything else I've ever used. It leaves the hair silky and soft and smooths down all the dead looking ends. Smells great too! I will definitely be incorporating it more into my routine with my clients." -Paige Lewis, Hairs To You Salon, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Sheri Walton
Amazing product ! Just started using Magic Mojo today..Wonderful results on all textures. I didn't apply any other products just to see what it would do. Customers loved it! Beautiful shine,bounce. Salon Resplendent will be offering Magic Mojo very soon !!!
Joseph Kellner
Excellent Product and I love recommending it to my Corrective Hair color Clients. This product will help regain the health of the hair. Not just on a cosmetic approach but on a long lasting effect for the consumer. It is also a great service to recommend for the client who is planing a night out with friends and wants a really good hig...h gloss effect on the hair. The product enhances the hair. Great for all models before a scheduled photo shoot!
Joseph Kellner
The Real Hair Truth
Martin Rodriguez
So I finally tried Magic Mojo on curly frizzy hair and loved the results. I got amazing shine from this product so if you have chemically treated hair or just dry frizzy hair give it a try you will love the results. · KALEAROSE HAIR LINE PRODUCTS
Sherri Say's : I love, Love it! Thank you for sending me the free sample.
I have been using it on all my clients, & all types of textures as well. All I can
say is A-Ma zing !! I was shocked how well it works , & all by its
self . I didn't layer it with any other Styling products, Shine,

bounce and volume.
To place an order please visit
Before Magic Mojo

After Mojo


Friday, February 25, 2011

Now available for salon professionals to purchase

Attention Salon Owners/ Hair Stylist
Are you looking to boost your retail and service sales in your salon?  Well look no further!

By adding our AMAZING PRODUCT as a service to your salon your client's are sure to fall in love with the results and want to take a bottle home to maintain beautiful healthy looking hair.

Where can you get this Amazing Product?
Because of the big demand from my fellow colleges, I decided to put Magic Mojo on our website available for salons and professional hair stylist purchase.
If you are a licensed salon owner or hair stylist and you are interested in purchasing Magic Mojo please visit our website to place an order. All orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment is received.
*Please remember, This product is ONLY SOLD TO LICENSED salon owners & hair stylist.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magic Mojo available at Hairs To You Salon In Bala Cynyd, PA

If you live in Bala Cynwyd, PA and would like to try our Amazing new wearable treatment please stop by Hairs To You Salon
333 Montgomery Ave
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(610) 949-0111
Tues: 10:00 am- 4:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thurs: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Hairs To You is a Full Service Hair Salon for the Entire Family. At Hairs To You, a client can expect to feel welcomed in like family, and enjoy a cozy, intimate atmosphere, always accompanied by a little sillyness and laughter. From regular trims to dramatic changes, grey coverage to artistic multi tonal haircolor, wedding days to baby's first haircut, the staff strives to make each experience a special one.
If you would like more information about the salon, please visit our website at
                                           Here are some before & afters by Paige Lewis







It is a deep penetrating conditioning treatment. It's not something that fades away, it uses heat to seal the treatment into hair, which jump-starts the healing process. For additional healing you should use the treatment every time you ...shampoo to continue to see damaged hair become repaired, softer, shinier, and infused with more moisture.

It is brand new to the salon, so right now we are offering it as a FREE add on to a shampoo & blow dry or a cut & style. But shortly it will be a $10-$20 add on to those services. We will have the bottles for retail soon for home maintenance at $19.99.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to use Magic Mojo
Step #1 Shampoo & condition hair. Towel dry the hair to get the excess water out.
Step #2 Start with 4 squirts of Mojo in the palm of your hand and rub like lotion so the palms of your hands are completely covered with the product.
We recommend 6-8 squirts for the whole head, a little bit goes a long way.
Step #3 Start at the nape, grab a section of hair and run your fingers threw the shaft from ends to root.
Continue the application step threw the whole head. ( ENDS 1st, SHAFT 2nd, ROOTS last)
Step #4 Once the product has been applied to the whole head, comb the hair from the root to the shaft to make sure all of the hair is covered. I suggest starting with a wide tooth comb then use the small side of a cutting comb to make sure the product is distributed threw the hair evenly.
Step #5 VERY IMPORTANT STEP.. COMB, COMB, COMB, at least 3X around the whole head.
Step #6 With a paddle brush or round brush blow dry the hair. You can section the hair and blow it out straight with a round brush or use a paddle brush and just dry the hair.
We find using a paddle brush dries the hair much faster with the Mojo.
Step #7 Once the hair is completely dry section the hair, take small slices with a high heat flat iron start at the root and SLOWLY bring the flat iron all the way down the shaft to the ends.
Repeat threw the whole head, RESULTS WILL BE AMAZING.
*Mojo is a daily wearable treatment. We prefer to do the 1st treatment in the salon so the product gets a deep penetration from out high heat flat ions and the client gets educated on how to use it at home.
This product is a daily wearable treatment that will repair the hair with continuous use. Mojo does not have to be flat ironed or blow dried with every use. As long as it’s on the hair, it will continue to work.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Salon Promotions

Are you looking for something "NEW" to bring to your clients that make a difference with ther hair? 
Well look NO FURTHER !!! 
Magic Mojo is what you have been searching for!
Our REPAIR TREATMENT is spreading threw the industry like wild fire.
The more stylist use it, the more they love it. Seeing and feeling is believing.

Our product is NOT any thing like a "keratin treatment". Our product does not temporarily cover up the dryness or give you a temporary fix. Our product was designed to rebuild damaged hair. 

Salon Promotional Kits....
You may be wondering why you can't find way's to place an order on line or any pricing for our product.
Well that's because we made a "PROMISE" to our profession that we are completely for the professionals.
We refer our stylist & salon owners to our blog so they can read all about the product, client reviews, watch the : HOW TO USE MOJO" video, and see the before & afters of actual client's who we have done the treatment on.
When client's contact us to purchase the product, we direct them to the nearest salon in their area.

We have some wonderful Promotional Salon Packages available for the salon's and stylist to add our product to their service menu and retail shelves. 

Here are the current specials we are promoting, for pricing please contact
Roxanne at

12 Bottles + 2 FREE
24 Bottles + 4 FREE and 1 Free Poster
36 Bottles + 6 FREE and 2 Free Posters
50 Bottles + 4 FREE Bottles Free Display Shelf, Posters & Shelf Talkers

This beautiful poster says it all!!
Magic Mojo was made by a professional and only sold to the professional
All orders are shipped 24 hours after payment is received. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now this makes it all worth wild !!!

We mailed out FREE samples to salon's to see what their opinion was about the product. Here is what they had to say....
Thank you, Magic Mojo! After using this independent private label product on various types of hair we have had beautiful results every time. We found that Magic Mojo is a great leave-in styling aid for heavily processed hair, fine hair, coarse hair, as well as natural healthy hair. The weightlessness of the product was surprising and ...the shine it produces is just beautiful. Using either a flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers, etc. the hair had life and held the style with a natural movement and bounce. We found it can also be used as a spray on leave-in conditioner on naturally wavy or curly hair leaving the hair exceptionally soft and alive.

Thank you Magic Mojo! We're pleased you asked us for our opinion and appreciate the sample very much. Great luck to you!

To place an order for Magic Mojo please contact Roxanne Longstone @
Hair News Network

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Magic Mojo Adventure...

As I set sail for my adventure to bring my hair product to the industry, I have to tell you all it's been quite the experience. I have had the opportunity to meet some AMAZING stylist in this part of the world.
Their is one particular stylist I would like to Thank for giving me the strive and inspiration to NEVER GIVE UP!         JOSEPH KELLNER
Mr. Kellner is a Hairdresser/Makeup Artist/ Film Producer from Orlando Florida.
He has recently published the documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH.

You can purchase your copy of the Documentary @
After watching his film, it gave me the strive to work harder to get my product into more salon's.
 Day by day with alot of hard work, our product is slowly reaching more & more salon's.
 Once stylist get our product in their hand's and start working with it on the clients, both stylist & clients see & feel the result's instantly.
Meaning I will NOT EVER SELL OUT on the people who brought my product to life!

Here is what Mr Kellner had to say about using our product in his salon:
I do alot of corrective hair color in my salon. And in doing so we all know the health of the hair is very important when having to fix the hair color, and correction of tones. If the hair is not healthy you will not get the proper condition to work with. When I started working with Magic Mojo it was instantaneous with the results. I like to prescribe the best hair products for the client and Magic Mojo is on the top of my list. Not only can it return the hair to healthier state, but I also use it for a lotion to Blowdry, and for Haircutting. Either way you use this product it is multifaceted for the Hair colorist, Hair designer and above all the Client. I highly recommend this product for a tool for hair coloring, and also for retail use in the salon. But what is even better. It was made by a Professional, for Professionals, sold by a Professional. You don't find that to often in the Beauty Industry!
Kudos to Magic Mojo!

Joseph Kellner
Hairdresser/Makeup Artist

Friday, January 21, 2011

How to use Magic Mojo

Please take a look at this video to get more of a understanding on how to use the product.
We receive lot's of question's on "How do I use the product?"
We made this short video so stylist and client's get the concept on the correct way to use Magic Mojo.
It's quite simple as you can see ! The most important part is to make sure the hair is completely saturated.
For a more sharper view of the video, please visit us on you tube at

Sunday, January 9, 2011

STOP THE DIVERSION !! Try Something New !


It's a NEW YEAR and It's time for change ! All of us stylist need to stick together and show these companies that we don't need them. We need to start looking out side the box and putting our faith into stylist who create their own product lines. LET"S FACE IT, WE KNOW BEST !
As a stylist and a creator of the Amazing product MAGIC MOJO, I know first hand on what my client's hair needed. I was tired of trying product after product to achieve healthier hair for my client's who were in desperate need of a good treatment.
Keratin treatment or Brazilian Blow Out was NEVER an option for me. I refused to put my staff, client's and myself in harms way just to make the hair look great temporarily.
  Magic Mojo is not just another product that promises to deliver result's, Its a product that stands by it's name.
Our staff preform a FREE treatment to all client's who receive a chemical service and to client's who hair is dry and damaged. I have to say, they are very impressed with the result's.
We have sold 100's of bottle's since we have launched our product in OCT 2010, not to mention salon's who have added it LOVE IT.
So... I ask my fellow stylist to step out side of the box and give our Sulfate Free Organic Hair Repair Treatment a try !
We have Great Salon Packages available to salon owners & renters.
*Marketing materials are provided with every order
*Free bottles for stylist station's
*Free retail display packages available

If you would like more information on adding Magic Mojo to your salon,
Please contact Roxanne at For wholesale pricing.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Product Diversion... THEY SOLD OUT ON US !!!

As you all know I have been in the hair industry for 16 years. In these last 16 yrs, I have seen many changes in our field with our product companies. Most of them have SOLD OUT ON US.
I have to say, it frustrates me to know how hard we have worked to promote these product's in our salon's and then they make it available to everyone who shops at local retail stores.
One product line sold out, I switched to another, that product line sold out and I switched again, well  I come to realize that no matter what line I use, it's only a matter of time before they will sell out too.
 It makes me sick that for year's us stylist have put our trust in these companies, been the voice for these products, built their brand and they went and did this to us. All i can say is "Thank You"
Yep, Thank You for making me realize, It's not about the product being professional at all, It's about the mighty old buck!
I think all of us stylist need to come together and stop buying from the ones who did sell out. Just think about it for one min. If we stop selling it for them, sales will drop drasticly and then maybe they will realize how wrong they were for doing this to us.
I am so Disgusted with this industry, I REFUSE to give these companies another penny. I have STOPPED SELLING ALL THEIR PRODUCT'S and I decided to create my own product and plan on adding to the line in the near future..
 I am a stylist who believes in PROFESSIONAL Product's and that's why
My PROMISE to stylist & salon owners is Magic Mojo will NOT EVER SELL OUT!
You see, it's not about the money to me, It's about the quality of the product and knowing none of the client's will ever be able to purchase it at a local Walmart.
Magic Mojo was designed with a method. This method needs to be shown to our clients by a licensed professional in order to get the full affect of our product. If my product was available on a retail shelf and customers bought it, they would have no clue on how to use it, their for they wouldn't get the full effect.
This is why, our product will ONLY be sold by professional hair stylist.

For more information on our product, please read the previouse blog sessions.
If you are interested in carrying our product in your salon or would like a FREE SAMPLE.
Please contact Roxanne MagicMojoHair For Great Wholesale Pricing...
We promise your client's will LOVE IT !!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Canvas of a Hair Stylist Art

I was always intrigued with the art of hair. I lived by the philosophy of " If you teach me i will learn "
As hair stylist we have the opportunity to express our talent to each client in our chair.
Being in this industry for the last 16 yrs I have realized one thing, If you want it, it's only you who can achieve it.
  Each client is like a blank canvas when they sit in your chair for the 1st time. It's up to us as hair designers to create a style that's going to satisfy the clients every need. We have to determine the shape of the face, the texture of the hair, and most importantly the personality of each client before we can begin our creation.
  One of the most important part of our job is product. This is wear our creation becomes reality. Products are the tools we need to put the finishing touches on our work.
I know in this industry they can be expensive, but believe me their worth it because they work!
The products we use on our client's is the prescription to what will make your hair look & feel Fabulous!!!
If our clients take home what we prescribe, they will able to maintain the same style.

In my salon, we treat & prescribe our "New" wearable treatment Magic Mojo to almost every client that sits in our chair.
 I have a bottle of Magic Mojo on each station and salon talkers so the client can read all about the treatment they will be receiving after their service. Each one of my stylist use this treatment on client's who have color, high lights, dry and damaged hair. As they are applying the treatment, they are educating the client on how to use the product at home.
This treatment  restores moisture and brings the hair back to it's soft silky shiny state with just one treatment. Our clients can see and feel the difference once the styling is complete.
Each client we have preformed this treatment on has bought a bottle to take home and continue the use to rebuild and maintain the same silky feeling.

If you are a salon owner or licensed hair stylist and would like to bring our "Amazing" product into your salon or would like to try a FREE SAMPLE Please contact Roxanne at :
We have great wholesale prices and accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Hair Forum

Please come join our New Hair Forum.
We would like to invite you to share your hair experience with us.
You can start a topic on any hair subject you would like.
We wanted to start this forum so stylist and clients can share their thoughts, ask questions, talk about salon experiences, color, perming, extensions etc...
We also encourage STYLIST to promote their business on here.
Show us your talent ! Share pictures of your work, tell us about your experience behind the chair.
Their is lots of talent behind our chairs, Please share yours!
Display your creations !!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No to Keratin, Yes to Mojo

As a hair stylist the most important part of our job is the tool's that we use to create our masterpiece.
Our scissors, razors, blow dryers, flat ions, curl irons and most importantly our product's.
Product's are very important, they are what complete our work.
In the last few years, I have seen a product called Keratin treatment's explode in our industry. This product was every stylist & client's dream. The opportunity to have the perfect hair, who wouldn't want it?
It makes your hair look and feel AMAZING with a very big price tag. What they forgot to tell us is how harmful it is to our client and us stylist. Like anything else, if it works it will sell!
I will tell you it defiantly works and it's defiantly DEADLY! Stylist & client's refuse to except this fact because they love the results. The fact is this : If your hair is damaged before the treatment, all it does is temporarily PRESERVE the hair It does not and will not repair it. Once the treatment wears off, your hair is in the same shape before you had the treatment done.

This treatment was why my product was created and launched so quickly. I was far from ready to bring it into such a competitive industry, especially competing with the best thing since spread butter, but i knew i had to get it in to the hands of my clients before they had a keratin treatment done.
  My product was developed to give final results of a keratin treatment, but work to safely rebuild the hair .
 Our product is completely Organic & Sulfate Free
I brought it in to our salon in October, and believe me when i tell you , EVERY client we do a treatment on have left with a bottle in their hand.
Our salon intro was to do a FREE TREATMENT on client's who's hair was in need. That's all it took for them to realize they can have beautiful looking hair with out it being harmful to them. The best part about it is our clients can take the bottled treatment home with them and each time they use it they are REALLY rebuilding their hair. The more they use it, the better the results.

Report's on Magic Mojo from client's who use it  say from the very 1st treatment  they see & feel the difference. Once they use the treatment at home they love that the product gives them the best results every time.
For more information on how to get our Amazing treatment
Please contact Roxanne at
or visit us at

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magic Mojo Holiday Special FREE SHIPPING !!!

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift ? Give a gift that gives back !
Get this AMAZING product for ONLY $18.95 per bottle.
Buy 3 or more bottles and get 20% off your order.
Offer expires Dec 23rd, 2010
Because our product is so AMAZING,  we have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING
for the holiday season.
Order as many bottles as you would like, and we will ship it for FREE !
For more information on how to place your order please contact
 Roxanne at

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Hair Examiner Whitney Hogan writes about MOJO

Magic Mojo is one word: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She gives our product 5 STARS

There is nothing like an amazing product to make a client's hair happy! Magic Mojo is simply amazing! This is a wearable treatment that is organic as well as sulfate free.  This is the perfect product to use after any chemical service. I used this product after doing color correction. It made the hair so soft and silky that I didn't even have to use additional products to style. The hair was shinny, healthy, and looked amazing! Magic Mojo is great for mending split ends, repairing the hair shaft, and controlling frizz. This is the BEST product! Your hair needs Magic Mojo. For more information please check out the Magic Mojo page:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Salon Treatment

Magic Mojo is a PROFESSIONAL Treatment preformed in salons by stylist to rebuild damaged hair.
The first treatment should be done by your stylist to get the product to deeply penetrate the cuticle with a Very High Heat.
This also gives our clients the opportunity to try this Magical Treatment and fall in love with the results.
This is not a retail product that we want our clients to buy and just add to their closet collection,
We want our clients to be educated on  how the product works and how to maintain it at home.
For more information on how to order our product,
 Please contact us at :
Salon Intro Kits Now Available !

Saturday, November 13, 2010

100th bottle sold in just 3 weeks !!!!

Well, it's only been 3 weeks since we brought my AMAZING product into our salon. We are offering it as a FREE treatment on all of our customers to introduce the product, and give them the chance to see and feel the difference it makes on their hair.
I have to honestly say, every client we do a treatment on, leave with a bottle. They can't believe how healthy, shiny and soft there hair feels when the treatment is complete.
 We have sold 100 retail bottles in just 3 WEEKS !!

Magic Mojo is a PROFESSIONAL SALON PRODUCT and will only be sold in a salon or by a professional hair stylist. Our product WILL NOT BE SOLD in any stores.

When using a magical product like this, the client must be educated when using it. Mojo is not just a product you can buy and use. It has it's own technique and that's what makes it special.

For more information on how to purchase Mojo, please contact me at
Salon wholesale packages are available.
Any salon who purchases a kit will get
 A FREE Retail Display Shelf.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What do our clients have to say ?

Excellent Product, Made by a hairdresser for Hairdressers! Sold by a Hairdresser!
 Kelly Bosley I Love it!  My hair is so soft after I use the flat iron, it feels like silk. Best product I have used ever.

Whitney Hogan - I just got it and I used it on the client I told you about.....AMAZING!!! I'm writing my article for you tonight. I'll email you the link! I'm in love with this product!

Sarah Martin I've struggled with my hair since I began blow drying and flat ironing on a regular basis. No matter what I did (new haircuts, changing shampoo and conditioner, trying different treatments), my hair stayed dull, frizzy and shapeless. I've been using Magic Mojo for just under a week and my hair already looks and feels s...tronger, shinier and healthier! I always shy away from hair products as a brunette because shine boosting products usually create a greasy look, and heat protective products leave a noticeable buildup in my hair. Magic Mojo leaves my hair soft and smooth, without the unwanted greasy look or buildup at the end of the day. I am truly impressed with this treatment, it really is like magic!

Barbara Perry Rox, just so that you know, antman looooves my hair! so do i!! tyty

Tara Moniz Thank god for the maker of Magic Mojo!!!

Jennifer Mello Rocha Mojo is definitely the way to go. Anyone interested let me know.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What make's our product so special ?

We have added some of the best healing oils to our product to give you the best Repairing Results.
I am going to point out just a few ingredients to demonstrate how helpful to the hair they can be.

Silk Protein -
Binds strongly to the surface of the cuticle including damaged areas, increasing moisture and strength.

Hemp seed oil - This multi-beneficial oil not only has health benefits, but has many benefits that can enhance your hair.  It has been shown to make hair smoother and softer, also improving the hair’s elasticity within a matter of weeks.

The next power oil to talk about is Grape seed Oil. It is a lightweight oil that has extensive moisturizing properties and because it is so light compared to other power oils, it can absorb quickly without any added weight. It’s regenerating properties helps to maintain normal cell structure. Grape seed oil also has mild astringent benefits, to help with irritated scalps.It is also  viewed as a natural preservative

Sunflowe oil -Oil from this plant nurtures and strengthens damaged hair

Provitamin B5 - Helps prevent split ends and smoothes the cuticle of the hair. Actually increases the hair’s diameter for fuller, thicker hair.

For more information about ordering this product please email me at

Let's take a look to see what Mojo has done for this client...

This is my client Michele. As you can see from the picture her hair is out of control !
When you add heat to her hair, it just grows.
That's exactly what I want it to do so the Mojo can do it's Magic !
                  I decided to section the hair and do one side at a time so she could see the difference.

    Ahhhh :) and this is the finished style.
Another satisfied customer.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Mojo Works

This treatment is every women's savior !
 Mojo was designed to enter the hair cuticle and start mending it from the inside out. It's special blend calms frizz, adds moisture and helps mend split ends.
This professional weightless formula is made from the finest organic ingredients and works on all hair types.
The organic formula  promotes healthy hair by using the latest technology in hair restoration systems. It works on all hair types, leaving it healthy looking, shiny, silky, bouncy and frizz-free.
Highly effective on dry overstressed hair.

These are pictures i have taken of customers we have done a treatment on in our salon.
This is our client Tara. As you can see from the picture she has very bad split ends and very dry hair.
I washed her hair, toweled dried, and added the Mojo before I gave her the hair cut.
I sprayed 2-3 squirts at a time in the palm of my hand, and applied it to the ends of her hair section by section and made sure all the hair was covered.
I applied the product from ends to shaft and combed it threw the entire hair. My suggestion is to comb the product threw the hair with a cutting comb so the product is sure to distribute evenly.
Once I was done with the cut, I took a paddle brush and blow dried her hair on high heat.
Now that the hair is completely dry, I section the hair and take small thin sections.
With a high heat flat iron(425) slide the flat iron SLOWLY down the shaft until the damage disappears.
This is the finished style.

This next client was a walk in wanting a Foil High light. Her hair was extremely thick and very dry.
This is exactly what her hair looked like even before I applied the foils. She had explained to me that no matter what conditioning treatment she has used, nothing seemed to work.

                          Because of her hair being so dry, I applied Mojo to her hair before the cut.
When I was done with the cut, I applied a little bit more, just to make sure the hair was well coated.
Again, I took my Paddle Brush and dried her hair.
As you can see from the picture above, her hair is 1/2 the size.
When i dry the hair, i DO NOT dry it in sections, i blow it out in every direction.
Now that the hair is completely dry, I will  Flat Iron her hair to lock in the treatment.
This is the finished look.
                                                              Now that is AMAZING !!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Understanding your hair

Cuticle (hair)

The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft.[1] It is a hard shingle-like layer of overlapping cells, some five to twelve deep. It is formed from dead cells which form scales that gives the hair shaft strength and do the best job of providing protection for it.[2] The hair cuticle is the first line of defense against all forms of damage; it acts as a protective barrier for the softer inner structure including the medulla and cortex. The cuticle is responsible for much of the mechanical strength of the hair fiber. A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer, as the cuticle also represents the structure that controls the water content of the fiber. Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the cuticle.[3] The hair cuticle is also said to be water resistant.[4]
Cuticles are often damaged by excessive mechanical manipulation such as brushing, using heat (like using curling irons) or chemical processing (like perms, color, high lighting or texturizers). Everyday elements, such as the sun or wind can also cause wear and tear on your hair and damage the hair cuticles as well.[5] Although the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair, it does not give the hair its color because it has no melanin (pigment), which is what is responsible for an individuals hair; the color of a person's hair depends on what type of melanin they have which is found in the cortex.[3]

On the left is a healthy hair strand under a microscope.  On the right is a damaged strand from all the things we do to out hair.
I searched to create a product that will make your hair healthy !

Welcome to Magic Mojo

I'd like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Roxanne, and I'm the creator of Magic Mojo Wearable Hair Treatment.
I have been a Hair Stylist for 16 years, and threw these years I have had the opportunity to work with many hair products. Some that were great and others that just came and went.
 I have worked on many different heads of hair, and realized that no matter how dry the hair was, their really was no treatment on the market that could actually repair the hair. Sooo, I started looking into researching to find what ingredient would Repair or Rebuild the hair cuticle.
Let's face it, if neosporine can heal a cut faster then their has to be ingredient out their to heal hair !
Well my search began...It took me 2 years to find the answer.
  I started on the internet and then I went to out local collage and spoke to a chemistry teacher on the research I had found. From that point I was in search of a chemist to put my research together.
I finally found one (he's truly Amazing) in Canada. From the first 20 min of conversation with this man, I knew he was what was going to make my product Magical.